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Volunteering at Armstrong is a wonderful way to see your student at school, spend time with new and old friends, engage with the school, and save our school hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Recurring Volunteer Opportunities: Cafeteria, Garden, Teacher Workroom, Morning Greeter. 

Classroom Volunteer Opportunities: Room parent, Parent Reader, Party 
Coordinator, and more. Usually coordinated by Room Parent.

Event Volunteer Opportunities: Carnival, Field Day, Auction, Bike Rodeo, and more! Coordinated by Event Chair(s)


Armstrong cafeteria logo.png

Sign up for a recurring monthly two hour shift, or sign up for any days that you have availability, or sign up as a substitute.

Volunteering in our PTA funded cafeteria saves our district almost $400,000 annually, is a wonderful way to see your children at school, and spend time with new and old friends.

Questions: Cafeteria Volunteer Chair

Armstrong Teacher Workroom.png

Serve a two hour shift once a month in the teacher workroom to help teachers make copies, staple, cut out bulletin board images, make flashcards,  laminate, and several other helpful projects.

Questions: Teacher Workroom Chair

Armstrong Garden.png

Help our students learn in the garden! This is a 1 1/2-2 hour commitment. 


Garden Volunteer Chair


Check back in September to sign up to Volunteer in the garden.

Armstrong Eagle Store.png

Serve a 30 minute shift in the Eagle Store on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to help students purchase spirit items and school supplies. Or help sell spirit items at special Armstrong events.


Questions and Volunteering:

Eagle Store Chair 

Dads Club (1).png

Start your day with the Dads Club! Help open car doors in the carpool line and greet our Eagles as they start the school day!

Armstrong Book Fair.png

Help set up, check out books, and break down the Armstrong Book Fair. The students really look forward to this event every year when they get to restock their home libraries. 

Questions: Book Fair Chair

Check back in September to sign up to Volunteer.

Armstrong Invention Convention.png

Help set up or judge this annual STEAM event when our students become the inventors.

Questions and Volunteering:


ARMSTRONG (72).png

Help our Armstrong Eagles soar safetly on thier bicycles and scooters at this fun annual event.


Questions: Bike Rodeo Chair


Help our Armstrong Eagles become scientists at this annual STEAM event. Volunteer as a judge or help with the science fair set up. 

Questions and Volunteering:


happy camper carnival.png

Help our Eagles enjoy rides and activities at this school day event! Help set up and break down the carnival or help during the event.  

Questions and Volunteering:

Carnival Chair

Fun Orange Gold Modern Contemporary Smiling Sun Illustration Summer Logo (2).png

Help our Eagles soar into summer at this fun filled last day of school event!

Questions and Volunteering:

Field Day Chair

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Have another idea of how you can help Armstrong? Please reach out!

Questions and Volunteering:

PTA President

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