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Support Armstrong

Almost 70% of every property tax dollar in HPISD is recaptured by the state and redistributed to school districts across Texas. Recapturing leaves HPISD with an annual budgetary shortfall of an estimated $7-8 million. This leaves our district with less money to educate each HPISD student and less money to pay our teachers. Our school needs fundraising and volunteers to bridge this budgetary gap so that we can continue to provide the tradition of excellence in education that our families and community deserve. 


Not only is volunteering a wonderful way to meet new friends, see your children, and engage with the school community, but also our volunteered hours and talents save the school hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our PTA run fundraisers and events such as Family Giving, Auction, Armstrong Reads, and Carnival raise over $465,000 for Armstrong each year.   


Gifts made to the Armstrong PTA cannot be recaptured; each gifted dollar goes directly to Armstrong to benefit our students and staff. It is with these financial gifts and our volunteering efforts that we bridge the financial gap and provide our students and teachers an exceptionally supportive and enriching learning environment; a place where students thrive and teachers feel supported and continually want to teach in our community. 

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