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Volunteer in the Armstrong Cafeteria

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Sign up for a recurring monthly two hour shift, or sign up for any days that you have availability, or sign up as a substitute.

Volunteering in our PTA funded cafeteria saves our district almost $400,000 annually, is a wonderful way to see your children at school, and spend time with new and old friends.

Cafeteria Volunteer Guidelines

The Food Services Department must follow all Health Department regulations, which also include the time period that you, as a volunteer, are in the cafeteria. Please read the following points that are required by the Health Department while you are in the cafeteria. 


  • Wash your hands upon arriving in the cafeteria.

  • Wear a baseball cap or another form of hair restraint.

  • Put on an apron provided by the cafeteria.

  • Do not eat or drink in the kitchen while serving food, or while stationed at the cashier's station.

  • Wear and change gloves often-at least once between each lunch period and always after handling non-cafeteria serving utensils.

  • Do not store your personal belongings in the serving area.

  • Follow the manager's directions regarding serving sizes.

  • Use separate utensils while serving food to avoid cross-contamination.

  • Do not substitute food while serving unless you ask the Food Services Manager.

  • Please check with the cafeteria staff when foods are spilled or need to be wiped off of serving areas and stations. Proper cleaning methods must be used to avoid cross-contamination. 

Cashier Questions and Answers

What if I accidentally ring in the wrong item or an additional item?

Prices for each item will display under “Lunch Activity.” Highlight the selected item and click “Delete Selected” to remove the highlighted item.  

I received a pop-up message that the student has a different default cafeteria? Should I continue the transaction?

From time to time an ID number may be entered incorrectly and get through the verification process? You should NOT continue the transaction. Click “No” and re-enter the student. Once the correct student is selected, you can continue the transaction.

What if a message restricting a particular item pops up on the screen?

Parents have the ability to restrict their students account for both items purchased and purchase limits. If an elementary student has something on their tray that is restricted, discretely tell them their parents have requested they not purchase that item and ask them to give to you or return to the line. For open items such as guacamole or french fries, please set aside as the health department won’t allow us to resell them once the child has them on their tray. 

The student has a message that says they have a limit on their account. What should I do? First, verify the student has not exceeded the parent set limit. The Current Purchase total displays the list of items purchased. If they have exceeded their limit, check with your campus cafeteria manager.

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