Executive Board:

President: Suzie Curnes

President Elect: Jane Wallingford

Past President: Vanessa Ayoub

Vice President of Development: Danielle Mullen

Vice President of Special Events: Cortney DiCanio

Vice President of Faculty: Ashley Gray

Vice President of Communications: Meredith Sarracino

Treasurer: Maria Von Horvath

Treasurer Elect: Christy Grimste

Cafeteria Finance Chair: Kyle Huckaby

Secretary: Jenn Terry 

Dads Club President: Nick Silva


Underwriting and Sponsorship Chair: Lindsey Collins

Family Giving Chair: Jenn Terry

Auction Co-Chair: Emberli Pridham

Auction Co-Chair: Brandi Chalmers

Auction Co-Chair: Kelli Little

Class Contest Chair: Brook Armstrong

Patron Party Chair: Kacy Tolleson

Eagle Parties Co-Chair: Jaemie Steinmetz

Eagle Parties Co-Chair: Kasha Lee

Family Parties Co-Chair: Nicole Preston

Family Parties Co-Chair: Jessie Jaudes

Scots Experience Chair: Jenny Merkle

Teacher Gift of Time Chair: Andrea Cheek

Carnival Co-Chair: Ashlea McCathern

Carnival Co-Chair: Kim Bloede

Armstrong Dines Out and Picnic Co-Chair: Ashley Gray

Armstrong Dines Out and Picnic C0-Chair: Rebekah Brooker

Armstrong Reads Co-Chair: Erin Geary

Armstrong Reads Co-Chair: Maryann Bandlamudi

Field Day Chair: Ashley DeArman

Family Outreach Co-Chair: Katie Chang

Family Outreach Co-Chair: Halie Overton

New Families Co-Chair: Carrie Denbow

New Families Co-Chair: Kathryn Shelton

STEAM Chair: Maggie Kipp

Bike Rodeo Co-Chair: Cortney DiCanio

Bike Rodeo Co-Chair: Leah Ewing

Library Events Co-Chair: Teresa Vaid

Library Events Co-Chair: Maryann Bandlamudi

Veterans Day Co-Chair: Liz Silva

Veterans Day Co-Chair: Christine Vergos

Veterans Day Co-Chair: Bob Grimste

4th Grade Graduation Co-Chair: Rachel Haefliger

4th Grade Graduation Co-Chair: Heidi McKinley

4th Grade Graduation Co-Chair: Vanessa Ayoub

4th Grade Class Coordinator: Lauren Duhon

4th Grade Class Coordinator: Elisha Enokson

3rd Grade Class Coordinator: Jacquelyn Woldert

3rd Grade Class Coordinator: Ashley Smetko

2nd Grade Class Coordinator: Amy Beale

2nd Grade Class Coordinator: Brooke Garner

1st Grade Class Coordinator: Kasha Lee

1st Grade Class Coordinator: Lola Thomas

Kindergarten Class Coordinator: Laura Price

Kindergarten Class Coordinator: Kirsti Merritt

Room Parent Coordinator: Meredith Sarracino

Outreach Co-Chair: Anne Talley

Outreach Co-Chair: Lauren Gerken

Website and DirectorySpot Chair: Brook Armstrong

Lost and Found Chair: Melissa Donnan

Staff Appreciation Co-Chair: Jacquelyn Woldert

Staff Appreciation Co-Chair: Murphey Sears

Staff Appreciation Co-Chair: Elizabeth Longo

Staff Appreciation Co-Chair: Carron Batt

Staff Appreciation Co-Chair: Elizabeth Brauer

Staff Appreciation Co-Chair: Whitney Walden

Teacher Work Room Chair: Becca Conner O'Donnell

Teacher Work Room Chair Elect: Jamie Rogers

Garden Co-Chair: Alyson Drennan

Garden Co-Chair: Jill Ritchey

BSSU Chair: Rachel Russo Willis

BSSU Chair Elect: Amanda Kalescky

Parent Education Committee Chair: Lauren Duhon

Parent Education Committee Chair Elect: Katie Chang

Publicity Chair: Tongula Steddum

VSP Chair: Christy Grimste

VSP Chair Elect: Danika Hollis

Yearbook Chair: Eve Tedeschi

Yearbook Co-Chair Elect: Tarin Frantz

Yearbook Co-Chair Elect: Lisa Donohoe

Supply Chair: Ashley Smetko

Eagle Store Co-Chair: Laura Price

Eagle Store Co-Chair: Samantha Wortley

Eagle Store Co-Chair: Amy Henry

Eagle Store Co-Chair: Kim McDonough 

Cafeteria Finance Chair Elect: Diane Tobin

Cafeteria Volunteer Coordinator: Brooke Garner

Monday Cafeteria Day Chair: Nancy Shores

Tuesday Cafeteria Day Chair: Carrie Woodward

Wednesday Cafeteria Day Chair: Naomi Silva

Thursday Cafeteria Day Chair: Becca Conner O'Donnell

Friday Cafeteria Day Chair: Suzie Curnes

Dads Club Third Friday Day Chair: Nick Silva