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Armstrong Cafeteria

The Armstrong PTA has funded and operated the cafeteria since 1921. We need YOU to help us make the cafeteria successful and ensure our students have the best lunch experience possible. Our cafeteria volunteers save the district hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Not only is volunteering in the cafeteria important to our school financially and physically, but it is also one of the most fun ways to engage with other parents and see the smiles light up your children's faces when they see you helping in their school. 


Please join our long standing tradition of cafeteria volunteer service by volunteering as a server or cashier in the cafeteria! We need every family to volunteer in the cafeteria at least once a month! If you cannot fulfill your shift, it is your responsibility to secure your own substitute and inform your cafeteria day chair. 




Cafeteria Manager: Annie Celestino 


Cafeteria Finance Chair:            Kyle Huckaby

Cafeteria Finance Chair Elect: Maria von Horvath


Cafeteria Volunteer Coordinator: Brooke Garner

Monday Chair:         Nancy Shores

Tuesday Chair:         Carrie Woodward

Wednesday Chair:   Andrea Conlan & Katie Corts

Thursday Chair:       Becca Conner O'Donnell

Friday Chair:            Irina Genyuk 

Dads Club Fridays: Michael Slaughter

2nd & 4th Fridays

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