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The Armstrong PTA has funded and operated the cafeteria since 1921. We need YOU to help us make the cafeteria successful and ensure our students have the best lunch experience possible. Our cafeteria volunteers save the district hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Not only is volunteering in the cafeteria important to our school financially and physically, but it is also one of the most fun ways to engage with other parents and see the smiles light up your children's faces when they see you helping in their school. 


Please join our long standing tradition of cafeteria volunteer service by volunteering as a server or cashier in the cafeteria! We need every family to volunteer in the cafeteria at least once a month! If you cannot fulfill your shift, it is your responsibility to secure your own substitute and inform your cafeteria day chair. 

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About Us

The John S. Armstrong School first opened its doors in 1914 as the first school in the Highland Park Independent School District. Today, over 100 years later, Armstrong continues to provide a uniquely positive and nurturing educational environment that fosters a lifelong love of learning and a sense of community responsibility.


The John S. Armstrong Parent-teacher Association of Highland Park was organized on November 19th, 1914 with a stated purpose: "to raise the standard of home and school, and to bring parent and teacher into a closer relationship with each other that they may cooperate more intelligently in the education of the child, and combine their efforts in the training for better citizenship."


Our PTA funds and organizes engaging events throughout the school year including STEAM and Reading events, Auction, Carnival, Bike Rodeo, Field Day, parent social events and coffees, and many more events that make Armstrong a fun and exciting place all year long. The PTA also ensures that our teachers and staff members feel loved and appreciated by funding and organizing monthly appreciation gifts and luncheons, and by gifting birthday and seasonal gift cards throughout the school year. The PTA also funds and operates the Armstrong Cafeteria; that is why volunteering in the cafeteria is so important to our school.  

Lunch Menu

Kindergarten and First Grade choose from a plated hot or cold lunch as listed on the menu.  Their lunch includes a drink.

Second, Third, and Fourth Grade choose a la carte selection from hot and cold food.  They are allowed a second helping after eating their first selections at an additional charge.  


We do not accept cash in the cafeteria. For your child to purchase lunch, you much set up and fund your child's cafeteria account through Skyward. You can also send in a check or cash to the front office and we can deposit this into your child's account. Please make the check out to: Armstrong Cafeteria

Directions to make a Food Service payment

     1. Log in to Skyward Family Access. Skyward

     2. Click the “Fee Management” tab on the menu bar on the left

     3. Click the “Make a Payment” link

     4. This will take you to the eFunds for Schools website

eFunds for Schools Directions

     1. Click “Fund Lunch” 

     2. Click “Login”

     3. Enter your Skyward username and password (case sensitive)

     4. Select the child that you wish to make a payment for

     5. Edit the desired amount to add to student’s account

     6. Click “Add To Cart”

     7. Click “Begin Checkout” (recurring payments can be set up at this time)

     8. Enter payment information

     9. Click “Pay Now”

eFunds for School Directions without Login Information

     1. Click “Fund Lunch”

     2. Click “Continue as Guest”

     3. On right hand side enter student’s last name (ex. Smith) and student’s 6 digit ID number (ex. 123456)

     4. Click “Add Student(s)”

     5. Click “Continue to Fund Lunch”

     6. Select the child that you wish to make a payment for

     7. Edit the desired amount to add to student’s account

     8. Click “Add to Cart”

     9. Click “Begin Checkout”

     10. Enter payment information

     11. Click “Pay Now”

Directions to set up Low Meal Balance Notification in eFunds

     1. Select the “Manage Account” tab on the menu bar on the left

     2. Select “Notification Settings”

     3. Turn on “Low Meal Balance for All Students”

     4. Click “Confirm Settings”

Directions to set up Low Meal Balance Auto Reload Payments in eFunds once logged in

(This option allows the account holder to set the student’s account to reload a set dollar amount to the student’s account when it hits a low balance amount set by account holder)

     1. Select “Payment Settings” tab on the menu bar on the left

     2. Select “Low Meal Balance Settings”

     3. Click “Activate Low Meal Balance Settings”

     4. Adjust settings to the desired amount


Meal Assistance Program

The cafeterias of Highland Park ISD are owned and operated by their respective PTA/PTO. No federal funds are accepted for the student meal service operation. Any lunch assistance given to a Highland Park ISD student is a gift to the student from the Cafeteria PTA/PTO campus in which the student is attending. Funding for the Meal Assistance Program is done independently at each campus through parent donation or outside funding. For more information, please refer to the district Meal Assistance Program Policy.​​


Sign up for a recurring monthly two hour shift, or sign up for any days that you have availability, or sign up as a substitute.  Volunteering in our PTA funded cafeteria saves our district almost $400,000 annually, is a wonderful way to see your children at school, and spend time with new and old friends.

Cafeteria Volunteer Opportunities

  • The cafeteria cashier's role (2 volunteers) is to verify and charge lunch items to student accounts. 

  • The cafeteria server's role (4 volunteers) is to serve lunch items to students.  Lunch servers prepare pre-set cold or hot lunch for kinder and first grade students.  For second to fourth grade students, lunch items are available à la carte.  

​Questions about cafeteria volunteer roles and/or shifts?  Contact Cafeteria Volunteer Chair.​

Cafeteria Contacts

Questions about cafeteria student accounts? Contact Sara Thieke, Cafeteria Finance Chair and Jane Wallingford, Cafeteria Finance Chair-Elect.

Questions about cafeteria shifts?  Contact Cafeteria Volunteer Coordinator.

Questions about cafeteria operations? Contact Annie Celestino, Armstrong Cafeteria Manager.

Cafeteria Day Captains


Nancy Shores


Shyla Valentine


Jodi Pratt


Sarah Thomas




Bo Rollins

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