To be eligible to volunteer in the Armstrong cafeteria, as a morning greeter, or teacher workroom you must first register with the Armstrong Volunteer Scheduler Pro Website (VSP).  Once you have registered you can select your monthly recurring shift.


Step One: Go to the VSP Website:

Step Two: Click on “Don’t have an account yet? Sign up now”

Step Three: Fill in the required profile information.

Step Four: Select any jobs you are willing to be a volunteer for at the school. If you do not select the position here, then you will not be able to volunteer for that job as a full time or substitute job. Selecting it here does not sign you up for the job, it just makes you qualified to sign up for the job in the volunteer system. To select jobs, click the job title in the available jobs column on the left then click on “ Add”. This will place the job in the column on the right which is “My Jobs”.

Step Five: You do not need to include anything in the notes box, but you must hit “Submit” at the bottom of the form for it to be completed.

Now you are registered to volunteer at Armstrong Elementary School! You will receive an email with your login and temporary password. Now you can sign up for your monthly recurring shift.

Step One: Go to the VSP Website and Login to your account.

Step Two: Click on “Full Schedules”. This will take you to the 2021-2022 calendar.

Step Three: Select the day on the calendar you would like as your monthly recurring shift. (For example: If you would like to volunteer on the first Friday of each month you would select Friday, September 3rd. If you would like to volunteer on the fifth Tuesday of each month you would select September 28th. Or if you would like to volunteer on the third Thursday of each month you would select August 19th).

Step Four: Select “Volunteer Now”.

Please note: Only select the first occurrence or your recurring shift (this date will fall  between August 18th and October 29th this year). The shift does not automatically appear as recurring in the calendar after you select the first shift. Our VSP chair will make the shift recurring for you after you sign up. You will receive a confirmation email with you shift information.

Please note: If the “Volunteer Now” button is brown, then you did not select his volunteer job when you registered as a volunteer. To add this job to your profile, go to the “My Profile” tab at the top and add it to “My Jobs” list as instructed above.