Room Parent Coordinator: Meredith Sarracino

Cornelius: Lara Francis and Priyanka Kharat
Campbell: Aimee Healy and Sara Thieke
Dunston: Jessie Porter and Ashley Jackson
Smith: Lindsay Barnes and Hanna Henson 

First Grade:
Zvolanek: Jessica Carson and Elizabeth Christensen
Donham: Alexis Scarff and Sarah Thomas
Talley: Ashley DeArman and Carrie Denbow
Slater: Kelly Ann Williams and Elizabeth Brauer

Second Grade:
Restrepo: Priyanka Kharat and Kathryn Shelton
Beber: Brandi Jane Wedgeworth Graham and Molly Mackey
Lee:  Leah Ewing and Diana Bowen
Aikin: Michelle Slaughter and Becca Conner O'Donnel

Third Grade: 
Bily: Ashley Smetko and Brook Armstrong
Brunner: Christy Grimste and Stacy Mullikin
Pena: Ashely Gray and Melissa Pekar
Unger: Elizabeth Christensen and Ashlea McCathern 

Fourth Grade:
Mead: Marcia Khalil and Carrie Woodward
Restrepo: Karina Lonsdale-Hands and Anne Talley
Balsiger: Susan Hastedt and Vanessa Ayoub
Ray: Katie Chang and Meredith Sarracino